Take the Next Step

Get to Know God

We stand ready to walk alongside you as you discover who God is and GROW in your relationship with Christ Jesus. Getting to know Him, you will encounter His love for you - a love that He enjoys demonstrating. Learning about God is more than theological study, it is transformative and responsive. So we can hardly wait to see your great expressions of devotion, honor, and worship as you come to know God and make loving Him your chief end.

Find Freedom

Freedom happens in the context of life-giving relationships where it's safe to be yourself, open, and honest. The Scripture demonstrates the power of groups and teams. Get involved in a GROW group. Challenge yourself to experience the wonderful dynamic of community. We welcome you.

Discover Purpose

You were designed in a unique way for a unique purpose.  Whatever makes you different is a compliment to someone else's uniqueness.  We call it diversity in sameness.  Discover how to use what drives and energizes you for the various goals of COFAITH Church. If you haven't already discovered your purpose, no problem. Over time, you will discover your gifts and grow with us through continuous learning and development.

Make a Difference

Together, we will make a difference. Take steps to find ways to use your unique gifts and passions for God's glory in our local community and the local church. There is tremendous joy in serving others and watching people's lives be transformed. Your serving Christ is about serving others. Engage your time and efforts to this end. You will be glad you did. 

New to COFAITH Church?

Welcome! We'd love to connect with you and answer any questions you may have. Fill out the online connect form and we'll be in touch.