The visionary goal of the COFAITH Church is to unite people from all walks of life with the transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus. We are committed to influencing and empowering our community by inspiring, teaching, and helping people to receive salvation and to know and experience the benefits of a personal and loving relationship with God. 

5 Core Values

We believe the means by which the COFAITH vision will be realized are by:

Evangelizing the “unchurched” from all walks of life with the convincing truth and promise of new life in Jesus Christ.

Worshiping in a biblically pure, joyous, and expressive manner that is complete with much prayer.

Fellowshipping the local church by building united family-oriented relationships and support groups.

Disciplining/Educating all committed believers in a systematic manner in the doctrine and principles of Jesus Christ.

Equipping and empowering leaders in the various ministry gifts to serve in every area of the local and global objective.