Christian Covenant Fellowship of Ministries (CCFM) was formed in 2000, and primarily exists to build the Body of Christ and advance the Kingdom of God by enhancing and empowering leaders of local, regional, national, and international ministries. Lead by Bishop Michael A. Blue, by visionary design, CCFM's existence precipitously assists in its fulfillment of God’s purpose in and for all people, places, and things which these ministries impact (i.e., individuals and groups, secular, civic, and sacred, from the personal and domestic to the corporate and global).

Bishop Blue is the founder and senior pastor of The Door of Hope Christian Church located in Marion, South Carolina. Pastor Preston & Lady Linda, along with the COFAITH Church, have been in covenant fellowship with CCFM since June 2010. Pastor Harrington is humbled by the affiliation and how God arranged it so that "Brother" Blue, as the Bishop refers to himself, is his apostolic covering, teacher, pastor, and spiritual father. This relationship continues to enrich the culture of COFAITH, our congregation, and leadership.  To God be the glory.