At COFAITH, our goal is to teach you that the Gospel of Jesus is central to all we believe, plan and engage. Our model is designed to be personal, family, community, and city focused in ways that are ultimately global in impact. Our model is as easy as 1-2-3.


Jump right in. Get involved and stay connected. COFAITH is a fellowshipping congregation that's personable and engaging. The aim is for you to go from learning to serving.


Involve others. Use your personal influence to engage others (i.e., family, friends, colleagues, etc.). Develop the "come and see" model used by Jesus and his disciples. See John 1:39-46.  What you learn you teach. Use your personal influence to engage and win others with the gospel of Jesus.


Win others. Allow your love and devotion to God to produce a desire to win others to Christ. Christ-centered discipleship is never selfish. Instead, it is magnanimously relational, and it attracts others through your public boldness and open confession that Jesus is Lord.

Here at COFAITH much is taught on discipleship. Jesus taught his disciples how to make more disciples both within the local community and ultimately throughout the world. This is a relational process. Be like Jesus. Be personable, concerned, compassionate and involved. We welcome you to learn to do the same.