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Why Give?

Giving is an act of worship. We belong to God and everything we own belongs to Him. You honor God when you give to the efforts of this local ministry with your tithes and offerings. Each time you give, you declare your gratefulness for all God provides in His care for us. Particularly, your generous financial gifts allow you to support the with every facet of COFAITH's ministry efforts.

Smart Reasons to Give Online

Our culture and technology have changed the way money is used and provides more relevant ways to give. Giving is now in the palm of your hands. Online giving is quick. It's mobile and removes the location barrier of you not being able to give when you can't physically get to church or have no cash in hand. Your giving online has never been easier and COFAITH's utilization of Pushpay provides safe, secure and private SSL encryption protocols to protect your financial data.

Support COFAITH Church through your generous online giving. It's a smart way to give at anytime or anywhere.

Two Ways to Give Online

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