The COFAITH CHURCH goal is to:

INSPIRE, influence and empower biblically positive change to the benefit of families within the COFAITH local community – change that will be global in effect;

TEACH the importance of receiving salvation by faith in Christ Jesus, the benefits of a loving personal relationship with God, and the necessity of a relevantly biblical worldview which includes being effective witnesses in every area of life, winning others to Jesus Christ; and

HELP everyone come to know and experience the fullness of this life, spiritually, socially and economically.

The COFAITH CHURCH is committed to:

Evangelizing the “unchurched” from all walks of life with the convincing truth and promise of new life in Jesus Christ.

Worshiping in a biblically pure, joyous and expressive manner that is complete with much prayer.

Fellowshipping the local church by building united family oriented relationships and support groups.

Disciplining/Educating all committed believers in a systematic manner in the doctrine and principles of Jesus Christ.

Equipping and empowering leaders in the various ministry gifts to serve in every area of the local and global objective.